The project proposes activities encouraging human potential and successful social inclusion of the young people in the cross-border region. It is envisaged students from both sides of the border to be trained in gaining valuable social and life skills enhancing their adaptability to personal, social and professional spheres. The proposed activities will demonstrate a successful social network creation for joint activities ensuring personal and social development and collaboration.

It is expected the clear cross-border impact to be expressed through: the established partnership between both candidates and their capability jointly to identify needs and to support youth social development; the strengthened role of the school in the cross border region as an institution giving contemporary knowledge responding to students’ needs; and the developed cross-border social network supporting trained students in training peers in social and life skills.

Thus the goal of the project encompasses the necessities of the targeted groups from the two regions. The activities will be carried out in both Bulgaria and Serbia and coordinated and managed by the team members from the two regions, each having clear and strict duties for the successful implementation and coordination of the project. The budget will be divided between the two partners in accordance with the implementation of the activities.

Lead partner

Name: Vasil Levski High-school of finace and economics
Address: 37 Alexander Stamboliiski Str, Montana
School principal: Temenuzka Kisyova

Partner 2

Name: Grammar school “Svetozar Markovic”
Address: Branka Radicevica 1, Nis
School principal: Olga Dragojlovic